Web searches that have led unsuspecting Internauts to this blog over the last year:

starry rift
pee while driving
starry rift wordpress
peeing while driving
“matt gonzalez”
the starry rift
jesus was a libra
william wants a doll
star struck lovers
jesus libra
prince eyeliner
how to pee while driving
say you love me tv
my mother, your mother lives across the
matt gonzalez
john lennon gandhi
starstruck lovers
receptacle for urine pee in car
circumference of a red bull can
urinate while driving
circumference of red bull can
barnard college
television say you love me
hillary incapable undeserving quote
“john mccain is the antichrist”
gandhi and john lennon
needs to pee in the car while driving
starry poems
rebecca walker
reasons why i love my mother
bachelors forties
driving pee
“dating an eighteen year old” thirties
feminist mothering
jon erik hexum blog
starry where are you poem
poetries for elocution
urine while driving
“if might makes right then love has no p
joni mitchell appearance
reasons to love mothers
small pox blankets
horse stance b
jesus is a libra
interview stance
why are men fascinated with pee?

I was going to say that I should retitle the blog “variations on a theme of peeing while driving,” but maybe “emasculated” would also do, in a pinch. As for that lone search for a “jon erik hexum blog”…I am filled with empathy. Let me know if you find one.