Posting has been light, by which I mean nonexistent, lately. I’ve been busy. And when I read blogs lately, which I do mostly to alleviate/add to the stress of having to constantly be on the computer grading things, I realize that most of the blogs people seem to like are nothing more than people’s emotional problems, limitations, and outbursts masquerading as thoughts, with the casually self-aggrandizing idea that a “post” is a unit of art in the same way a seme is a unit of meaning. It’s starting to bum me out. You see all these half-baked ideas by overeducated yet slapdash writers who nevertheless are convinced they’re somehow revelatory, or at least interesting, and if you really try to consider the ideas therein, you realize that the main idea is usually “I have issues with this” or “Fuckers!”, with a strong subtext of “agree with me so I’ll feel validated!”

This is why dooce is so genius.
She resists validation and is funny to boot.

But anyway…did you think I was describing myself up there? Maybe I was. Anyway, I figured I could just cut to the chase and post this:

1. Racism sucks.

2. Sexism sucks.

3. Most people are usually wrong.

4. I would really like to see a poster for a heterosexual event that involves an erotic image of a MAN rather than one that reinforces the problematic idea that hetero-eroticism = women in garters.

5. My in-laws do occasionally drive me crazy.

6. My marriage is wildly imperfect.

7. I take things too much to heart.

There, look at how much time I saved you! Now you don’t have to read this blog for at least a year.

And whether I’ll write it for a year remains to be seen, but if anybody’s still trying to read the blog, fair warning: I’ll probably make myself scarce for a while. For one thing, just because I’m already online all the time doesn’t mean that blogging isn’t a circle-jerking time suck. For another, I just bought a spiral notebook. And I’m going to try something new: writing by hand. And trying for a unit of art larger than the blog post.