Two mothers at our co-op playschool discussing the Democratic nomination race:

Mom 1: “I think I’m finally gonna break down and get an Obama lawn sign.”

Mom 2: “She is just so…grating.”

Mom 1: “Exactly.”

— only in this race would that conversation not be a total nonsequitur. I wish I didn’t know who these people were — and I wish even more that I didn’t know them to be mostly kind, reasonable people, albeit not very far-thinking ones (see: Christmas tree imbroglio of December 2007).

And me? I’m kind of bummed. As politicians go, I think HRC has a lot going for her, though she’s not at her best when campaigning. And I am still not at all convinced that Obama will do a damn thing. But mostly I’ve been too busy having a mysterious ailment that makes me pass out with migraines at 7 p.m., and so I have limited energy to care.